Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What is the majority of sales in an industry and CNN declares it DEAD then you know what?

So for those of us that use Math, the current sales of prerecorded music by category is lead by none other than physical music and of that the CD is the majority of sales*

From the weekly Sales report of Soundscan a division of Nielson Entertainment, LLC it's pretty plain to see that despite the rumors of digital taking over the world it hasn't taking over half of the market, yet? And the CD is still very much alive.

I said "yet" because of something called  Manufacturing on Demand "MOD," and my company AltavozEntmt, under the leadership of Bobby Ekizian, pictured below,  is leading this new charge for pin pointing where a physical sale is desired; Now coupled with the ability to ingested the title into the AMPED and NARM EDI database.

The artists can now worry about generating fans that are BuyingThis(tm) and the indusrty parthers involved can use the clicks to pinpoint the bricks in Altavoz aptly named new service "C2BD" This capability has not been harnest to ensure that the whole supply chain from Fan to Retailers knows there is a some fan heat before they even have to make one physical copy.

This information for the fan backup the supply chain will also let the artists know that there is a potential to make 500 limited edition releases, sign them and sell them to their AltaFans for a healthy profit and everyone is happy.  The future is and I gotta wear em ....