Wednesday, August 20, 2014

CD's are still more than 52% of music album sales at mid point of the year.

So I ask again what industry stops counting or better yet denying the existence of it's largest element when in plain sight the proliferation of it is easily demonstrated and without even looking at the stores listed above. 

"There are how many Starbucks? In the USA there are 11,457  and guess what they all carry music for sales and there aren't any free download cards. How about Public Libraries 120,096 and most of them carry music too.  So there's clearly a problem in what is being posted on blogs verses what is happening in the market place." 

So my example for today comes from a post proclaiming that physical is dead and digital is it... on Stereogum. Granted the gif they have is from another site however up on theirs and no one is questioning it. 

"Everybody knows the music industry has undergone monumental change in the past 30 years. How much change? This handy GIF from Digital Music News

However the problem is that physical music specifically CD's is the majority of the music sold ... Some people believe that they are larger since not every store let alone few venues report to Soundscan. 

Now try as I might, I won't stop people from posting that physical specifically the CDs are dead, However with the help of Neilson mid year report we know that 121,000,000 total Album sold w/  54,000,000 being Digital and Vinyl accounting for 4,000,000 or .033 So using math we can deduce that CDs to be 52% of sales and the GIF on the site is just not showing it.

PS as you can see by this weeks sales it's even more.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Racism is part of music and once we break past it wealth is achiveable.

"As inspiration often strikes me, it was a heated debate between two grown @$$ men in the barbershop arguing about another man’s pockets that prompted me to tackle the idea of why Hip Hop has no billionaires".
By Kelby provokes a great debate greater than the barbershop and for the point of this blog post  #1 is Racism and I happen to agree with him and I have used these three very people in my reasoning for Altavoz's existence.   

None of these guys have ownership of the distribution none of the majors or independent distributors have offered them access to the wealth making part of music and the CEO and company that comes out offering ownership of a publicly traded company to these label owners and others will have a head start at offering the future of entertainment today. 

BTW if your want to join in the fun in doing just that please let me know. 

PS Physical Music was 58 5 of sales so don't even try to say Distribution in online.