Friday, August 8, 2014

Racism is part of music and once we break past it wealth is achiveable.

"As inspiration often strikes me, it was a heated debate between two grown @$$ men in the barbershop arguing about another man’s pockets that prompted me to tackle the idea of why Hip Hop has no billionaires".
By Kelby provokes a great debate greater than the barbershop and for the point of this blog post  #1 is Racism and I happen to agree with him and I have used these three very people in my reasoning for Altavoz's existence.   

None of these guys have ownership of the distribution none of the majors or independent distributors have offered them access to the wealth making part of music and the CEO and company that comes out offering ownership of a publicly traded company to these label owners and others will have a head start at offering the future of entertainment today. 

BTW if your want to join in the fun in doing just that please let me know. 

PS Physical Music was 58 5 of sales so don't even try to say Distribution in online.