Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Minutes have come home to roosts.

Just saw this on and have to say that this is something I've been saying was going to happen the moment that I saw the mobile business trying to come into the music business.  It was back in 2009 when I was at the San Degio NARM convention <digress I believe that year they where or something like this,  It was and is this still very important convention, next one is in Nashville -- so buckle it up, /digress>  and I looked up from the 1st morning breakfast/main meeting to view a banner that said [Digital Mobile Physical] and shook my head knowing full well that to be mobile it has to be digital and that phone companies sell minutes not music.

We all know the kids were onto this right on the jump and they started side slotting and we've seen a retrenchment into established distribution channels it's either digital or physical and those few distributors didn't go away infact they are in strong position and phone companies are back to the job of selling minutes.

Everyone streaming service or digital startup that does not put this minutes vs entertainment is free mindset to bed because there is no free on mobile.  And IMHO this is why physical will always be an option that you buy and load it onto your phone. Hey we all know saying FU to the phone companies is just as fun and meaningful as it is to the Majors and never underestimate the power of those out that that want to do just that.... It's what I live to do everyday and the phone companies mind you live to bill all of us.