Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Local Visionary asked if he should open a night club and the answer in DC seems to be yes!!!

When I noticed that a local Tech VC posted something on social media about investing in a nightclub I figured I'd take a look. Little did I know I knew would find one of the smoking guns of data that specifically shows how entertainment investing in music( particularly live, since half of the clubs listed here are all about live music) is good business.  Take my town DC;  We have 8 of the top 100 clubs based on revenue in the USA and try to get someone outside of this group to talk about the business and you'll get more out of crickets, even silent ones.

Show me any other category in DC close to Music with this many top companies in one town besides lobbyist ?  I'll Get my popcorn..... Oh by the way...This is not just for the investors it's good for local economic development; Since many of the ancillary events to a music event are very local.
Major or any music act doesn't come to play a DC Club to have their food catered from a chain; they want local while being in a locale and they will shop local for arts and clothes. "Artists Money Multiplier Effect*"
Now considering DC has 8 of the top 100 nightclubs in the USA it would seems not too far of a stretch to say that there is a basis for considering investing in DCMUSIC as well as DCTECH.  For the record ~ the two really aren't exclusive and from head of the Library of Congress's lips** to my blog -- music drives US innovation.  A great blog just came out on  Consequences of Sound about the All Access: An Oral History of DC’s 9:30 Club and reading it gives some very candid insight into our local music scene and how it's important to foster the locals while reaching for the stars. .

I'd suggest reading it and let's get some check books out and start rewarding the economy we already have that is bringing millions of dollars vs likes or vampy news coverage.  And, since we're really talking about millions of millions of million in recurring revenue and it also brings in more tourists; it well surveyed that having a vibrant music scene is a part of the decision for college attendance and new jobs it needs to be in the 5 year plan and every plan.

Lastly How come I'm the only one talking about this?    What exactly has to be done to get the DC government to back something that is naturally occurring they don't have to give tax breaks and  already  hire DC people every day of the week businesses?  FYI Virginia and Maryland aren't too far behind.

Oh yeah I went "Mr Cranky" like.... btw he is missed.

The one and only Dee Snider~ Twisted Sister #MusicBiz2014