Thursday, November 26, 2015

Until the EOY let's look at the UK's trade balance in Prerecorded music.

For the Datanerds, the following is the breakdown in trade of Software and Prerecording music between the USA and the UK for the year 2015 presently cited as Cat 334614*.  I'm posting it here because I believe in the next month trade data will have the Adele release totals.  And, this one artists is enough to move the needle of trade between the US and the UK;  And,  that the saturation of all things Adele between now and the New Year's will benefit the UK much more then the USA and this blog will be the only one mentioning it. 

"Adele’s 25 (due November 20) could go double platinum in less than a week. According to Hits Daily Double, industry insiders now predict an opening tally in the region of two million copies. That would rank as the second highest debut of all time behind NSYNC’sNo Strings Attached, which sold 2.4 million copies in its first seven days of release back in 2000. The Brit’s third LP already has 250,000 preorders."

Based upon these numbers alone it's clear that 25 is going to sell it's just at what point in time does anyone in the USA wake up to realization that this is Entertaining our Economy to death. And, just to put a fine pine upon it... I'm saying that the UK will be importing more Cat 33614 into the USA than we export to them (US Made Music) and Adele will be the tipping point and just about no one in the USA sees this as a bad thing.

I have to say.... When a county stops exporting it's culture it's only left with war and the Irony of on this Thanksgiving that a UK artists will outsell US's based artists and most of the help doing s0 comes from the USA; And the headline is about how great Adele is, which is true... it's just she's an import. 


From the whole Altavoz Family to your have a blessed Thanks Giving. 

PS of the 5,049,000 units sold only for week ending 11/19/2015  2,245 where digital or 44% 

*The  Categories used to be 334612 for Prerecorded music and now it's combined with software into 334614.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Check out @sonofnels's Tweet:
Check out @sonofnels's Tweet: