Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The US must renew the #MUSICACT

Renew the Music ACT and start supporting US Made Music.

What is the Music ACT

“Our small, independent music labels are finding it increasingly difficult to sell their goods in the global marketplace,” said Nadler.  “This bill would help promote U. S. exports in an extremely competitive industry whose talents cannot be outsourced.  Helping these businesses access foreign markets is also an important part of President Obama’s goal to double U. S. exports in five years – an effort in which New York, home to many independent music labels and artists, continues to take the lead.”

To learn more about the Music ACT please visit MUSICACT.ORG

What we need to do is reauthorize it till 2021 

12 are authorized to be appropriated to the Secretary of Com-
13 merce $1,000,000 for each of the fiscal years 2013
14 through 2017 to carry out this section.

So here's the issue.

The majority of the US Population while listening to country, popular artists from the USA don't understand that none of them are exported out of the USA by the Major Distributors (AMPED, BMG, EONE, SONY, UNI, WEA) or their fake indie companies, This will be my next blog and for more on why visit that link it's a blog that further explains this issue.   Here is the data and it's taken from official USA data
US Trade by Catagory
United States Exports By CategoryThis page displays a table with United States Exports By Category in U.S. dollars, according to the United Nations COMTRADE database on international trade.
There is nothing there, CLICK TO SEE about Trade Catagory 334612 or 336614. Yet, last week the majority of the music sold in the USA was physical music and it's a growing industry with mergers and expansions happening weekly in Entertainment.

I'm not going, by the look of it, be able to say this often, however; President Trump has rightly called on all American to #BuyAmericanHireAmerican  and that includes US Made Music.  To do that we need the MUSIC ACT to be renewed till at least 2012.  There can be not American reason to not invest in our own music.   It's an export class 334612 and finding out information about something that used to be our largest export by 2X is now nearly impossible.


So let's renew the act for another four years, put the money into a Commerce Department program that artists, bands, and labels making Made in America Music can access it, and use to develop, manufacture and export one of the US's greatest cultural and economic assets US Made Music

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