Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Urge city, state, federal agencies to Double Down on Arts #DDoAH

In light of the Trump Administrations abandonment of Art, Culture, and Humanities, as reported by CNN.  Art, Humanities and Music advocates need to let Congress know the value of The National Endowments of Arts and Humanities and that we should be doubling their budgets not eliminating them. It's the only rational and patriotic direction we as a nation need to embrace since it's the only one we've not tried.  #DDoAH

Congress [Local Leaders too, from city mayors, county executives and governors should know that arts, culture, and humanities are the foundation of America. However, in this post I'm sticking to the arts side since refusing to fund the humanities in the richest nation ever to be on this earth is American Suicide. It's it? 

Let's talk,  about Business, Exports, and IP across a number of trade categories, the citizenry, and communities. Music Alone raised the GDP of the USA nearly 4 % and still today we're   ENTERTAINERTING OUR ECONOMY TO DEATH.   Think about it.   We have some of the biggest artists across all mediums and our culture is in demand, people want to be like Mike or the Misfits.

However in the US we have an issue on not understanding the value of art and culture and both role in how the world see the USA.  Every dance, painting, song is an expression of US values from the individuals or bands perspective as well as an export and IP with Art & Music is our future and it's also better to send art than bombs.

Really, the USA can only go up at this point since England is selling most of that to the USA- Thanks Obama. Don't read that.  However, Yikes! its now Trump'smps hands.  While I've been waiting to see what he was going to do.  Since, I was pleased that the Import-Export Bank was saved; Since I've posted so many times about exporting US Made Music it's like a broke record.

Now, that Trump is proposing to eliminate the arts and humanities cut everything of art and cultural value; And, a undermine the growing trend of exporting IP out of the USA I've got to do more than just say something. This blog is a start. read to the end for my personal offer to help artists.

Everyone that cares about the Arts, Humanities, and Music needs to go to public official's offices and visit them in Washington, DC.  Of course using social media with hashtags like #ArtWorks #SaveNEA or other that tag to your representative's social media will make for a third wave of activism.

I want to let David Grasso,  DC Council Member proposed during this year's Arts Advocacy Day.
Double down on the Arts.

Speaking of NEA and Motivation from their surprise findings of three new NEA reports here are key stakeholder reasons from being engaged in the arts, humanities, and music

Motivations include:
  • Top reasons Americans attend the arts (performances and exhibits) include socializing with friends or family members (73 percent); learning new things (64 percent); and supporting the community (51 percent).
  • Despite similar household incomes and education, people who call themselves middle-class were more likely to attend the arts than those who identified themselves as working class. Thwarted interest, rather than lack of interest, may be the cause for lower attendance rates among some audiences.
  • Life stages—pursuing higher education, marriage, child-rearing, and retirement—are often more predictive than age alone, as a factor in attending the arts. For example, parents with young children under age six more often cited socializing with family or friends, learning new things and celebrating cultural heritage when they attended performances accompanied by their children.
  • For more key findings, go to Arts Data Profile #4.
What's my motivation for this?  I'm an advocate for US MADE MUSIC.  I also run a public traded company thats' Artistsbandslabelsowned. Moreover; The NEA has found though it research and information that is publically available online here, Which I urge anyone to look into since it's very expensive and makes the case for artist better than I'm going to do in this blog.
FYI, I will personally meet with you and your representative in Washington, DC to help you meet with Congressional and Senatoral public servents. Follow me on @SonofNels
When Bella Nae, Big Heff and I had best meeting EVER. And I urge Artists, Bands Groups, Playing DC to Visit Representives Offices and invite them and staff to your DC show. 

UPDATED: Current Music Sales and right now Physical or US Made Music is 59%