Friday, January 2, 2015

Forget about 20what ever... it's 2015 and what does it mean

So things don't always turnout the way the so called experts say they will.  Remember when the CEO of MP3 said that there would be ZERO CD sales in 2015.  Well I bought a CD release yesterday and know that he's full of it. As is anyone telling you to now release you next EP or LP in Physical formats. I also hope that my slide into the beating of all things digital vs physicals can now be tamed by me and we can get on to discussion the economic of what is happening in the music biz today.

Safe to say have the release in Digital and Physical formats across a wide range of formats, ACC, CD, Cass, Flac, WAV, or Vinyl is and asking the fans how and where they're BuyingThis (TM) needs to be your core activity for 2015 and any releases that are planned.

Knowing where to plan based upon where the fans are willing to pay....what if you had two choices in a market place trying to do a tour. One of the markets has more fans willing to be BuyingThis(TM) in physical format over digital formats. Wouldn't this market intelligence be a great piece of information when everyone is planning on supporting a release?

This willingness to pay extends down the whole eco system of the entertainment business.  The Creators and Distributors are now able to talk to the retail channels physical and online and prepare them and include them in an on going dialogue about an individual release in a way never before possible.

When you and your distributor, Distribution is King, are talking about the 16 weeks that you want to spending getting each release ready for it's street date and now having BuyThis(TM) and other technologies are extracting from the waves of chaos that is social media collective intelligence on what a fans whats where when and how.
And since we know that 35% of all social media post involve entertainment it's safe to say that's fishing where the fish are.... Social@Olgvey  - recent survey

Look the magic is the music not the tech and if you have the next big hit there exist, because I helped to create them any kind of deal for your next release and every single pevayor of entertainment on the planet can be a partner.


There now no excuse that you can't get you're music into the system.  The system today is better geared for the independent than ever before. With the majority of this years Grammy nominations going to Independent Artists, the advent of Cities getting behind their music sense and realize beside the sound of it's culture the exporting it is good business.

The Buy Indie Support Local movement is going to be the economy revitalization that non-creatives could never plan for and hopefully would kill it by trying to over bureaucratize it on the way to taking credit for it too.  The music business is not just our culture is part of our economic future and we have work together in a way that most are used to in today Network economies that are more Cities making up Metropolitan areas than State or the Federal Gov. I've been reading a great book called "The Metropolitan Revolution" by Bruce Katz and Jennifer Bradley and I highly recommend it to readers of this blog because I'm going to be on it like Denver.....

Finally while I don't want to talk about 2014 I do want to say that without Anthony Dunn most of the great artwork that Altavoz has become know for, well Ant is very sick and I've started a GoFundMe campaign to help him.