Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Holidays for those of you with Physical Releases

So here's the years top numbers total units sold




A bit of simple math shows that of the majority sold it wasn't digital it was ????? Physical Goods at 14,416,1000 items sold (often in Brick and mortar stores) with a lot of Amazon, which is opening it's 1st  music store in NYC. 

I will say that we have one more week left and Digital Music can really turn it around and make all those tech founders rich........ Cuz it sure ain't doing anything for the artists. 

For any city planners that have happened to have stumbled upon this blog if the plan for you cities music doesn't include getting it made physically, closer to home the better, and distributed out of the boundaries of your wonderful town then you're missing the biggest opportunity and IMHO the current failing of our economy -- We're entertaining our economy to death. 

In the words of Jeffery Immelt, CEO General Electric "The United Sates should have 3 priorities; Become a country that is good at manufacturing and exports"* does the 3rd matter?

Detroit Economic Club June, 2nd 2009. 

Now in order to export it you have to make it physical and that means CDs, Cassettes, Vinyl records the old fashion stuff, that was going to go away.  Well it didn't and that really a good thing

So this Holiday I hope the you and get ready for more of this in 2015 cuz it's the newest fad and getting a City Music Deal will be part of it.