Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Physical music is almost 70% of sales last week and it's #WhatWorks

Not sure how many times I have to keep posting this information; However, it seems that way to many people still think that digital music is the dominate way music is consumed and yet each week over the last several months the numbers show that the total opposite is happening.   I'm reminded of meeting the head of Start Up America, Scott Case, at a DC Tech Cocktail event and after talking to him about the music business he bluntly stated that he and Startup American would be working with any Carbon based business.

Now here we are about a year later and the bottom is digital is finding new lows and physical is growing.  And, I have to ask what and where would the US Economy be today and startups in general if we didn't have such myopic ideas about one of American most important industries, US Made Music?

How much longer can America so called leaders ignore something simply based up their personal taste, I say this because all too often my friends say I don't buy music and ergo the rest of the world must be the same - even when direct evidence is presented to them (i.e.  every Starbucks in the USA has CD's right next the cash register or the fact that the largest manufacture of CD's last year made more CD's than any other prior year.

If we're going to try to figure out what works we'll need to listen to someone that actually knows what they are talking about - Right!