Tuesday, September 15, 2015

There are 4 Majors in distribution again.

I don't normally do multiple posts;  However this is really too big to let slip into our existence since there are economic ramifications and there's a very good reason why -- Money... While a lot is written about our industry there is as pointed out already almost no coverage about this aspect of it and since Distribution is Everything it makes no sense to me. Yet here we are...

"BERLIN, 14 SEPTEMBER 2015 – BMG recording artists Iron Maiden and Scarface have burst into the Top 10 of the US SoundScan albums chart, marking a new milestone for the new model music company less than 18 months since the company announced its entry into the frontline of the US record business."

The re-arrival of BMG into the "frontline of the US record business" is happening because no in the US could give two cows about it and another multi-national company (mmc) is stepping into the US market place and handing our economic assess to as with another US based distributor because there is a market for them to come into already.   So sure they're coming with some bad ass music and some is even made in the USA - it's just sold to us via a MNC and to add insult to trade imbalance -- then not exported out of the USA.  This is a missed opportunity for a US based company and from what I understand this is not the last of the old oversea's players plotting a path back into US distribution.  And why not it's wide open. 

As for what does this mean here in the states, Certainly there will also be a number of impacts.  The first is that another major entertainment company means more money for the whole sector and hopefully more awarenes in general as they fight it out for stars, time and attention of the public.  Another part of this will be in the way BMG itself operates having not been active in US distribution for almost a decade there's few in the industry others than those left know about the serious ball that BMG plays. Lastly,  this could also mean some more consolidation in the indie ranks as they considering getting market share and assets that help them compete in the US though acquisitions.    

Here's the link to the release

PS they're preparing to release  Alabama (18 September) and Janet Jackson (2 October).

A Major is a record label that has guaranteed distribution from the likes of Sony, Universal, and WEA and now of course BMG.