Monday, September 14, 2015

Mic check looking for the Press you're needed in aisle 1-100

With the start of the ramp-up for fall and holiday sales the story still unfolding is the inability of digital to take away market share from physical sales.   There's a number of reason why this is happening; However the issue at hand today is the continued obsession by the press to cover only the digital side of music.

The lack of focused journalize and technical analysis keeps one of the US's best industries in check. 

The shear amount of press that Digital music get's vs physical on the market share alone shows something is amiss.  If 56 precent of the sales are physical why is digital covered at twice the rate of it's market share.   Or! perhaps worse is the complete lack of coverage in the US Press about our top culture export (Entertainment)  should be another sign.  Sadly the only story I've found about physical is from overseas.

"While HMV saw declines across both video and gaming, it held its value for physical music, helped by new releases including English Graffiti by The Vaccines and How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, the third album from Florence and the Machine. With the re-launch of its online store in June 2015, HMV now has access to the 3.8 million shoppers who purchased physical music and video in this way in the last quarter, which should improve its performance. "  Author Fiona Keenan

How does the USA compete if we're not even in the game or the chosen market to be in pays in cents. It makes no sense.  Yet, that is the state of the art for today knowing the wrong data and acting in the wrong markets.