Friday, June 19, 2015

Buy Veteran this Veterans Day

Over the years at Altavoz Entertainment I made a concerted effort to make sure that we worked with US Military Veterans. From spending hours on the phone with new label owners helping them understand the ins-n-outs of entertainment today to pushing out releases from veterans because their story's matter and I've always felt they needed to be heard.

In 2015 - Altavoz launched a VetMusicDeal and it was working with some of the releases that are coming from this that Altavoz decided to bring as many Veteran made releases out for Veterans Day this year.  And! readers here will of course be hearing more about this effort shortly.

Moreover; I hope others see the light and help to ensure that come Nov that we're all able to offer something made from Veterans to be purchased; So, they too can enjoy the Holiday of Sales err Veterans

This Veterans Day  lets all push #BuyVeteran not deals.  Oh yeah, from the looks of sales make sure it's in a physical format since it's still the majority of the sales.