Saturday, May 23, 2015

Changing the game sometimes is just adding a new paint job and snappy name.

For a while we've all heard the cry for innovation, the people aka crowd has been clamoring for it in Music since, well the start of the music biz, and we're hearing about it from citizens demanding and getting their local libraries to open up new activities from 3D printers to installing recording facilities such as DC's Martin Luther King Library as done going back at least a decade.  As I was front row for DC's Mayor Williams ground breaking public libraries effort as a conversation facilitator in the 2005 Speak Out America public forum. And seeing this come to pass a decade later is uplifting.

To that end our company +Altavoz Entmt just launched something so new and innovating that it's making heads scratch, artists get in line and some in DCTech down right upset*

An Exclusive Library Release (TM) ELR thats right since there are 120,000 public libraries and they carry digital & physical entertainment with Altavoz Emtnt as one of the few companies that can upload content into the public libraries via it's

What remarkable about ELR is that it was done digitally, and ensured that the label was able to participate without subjecting itself to demands of physical manufacturing and now set this release up to be always known as the 1st Exclusive Library Release (TM).  For  Phillip, his record label, Altavoz and the Public Libraries will have a connection that will ensure a unique marketing angle once it's made available to the public on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and retailers.  We'll also have for every to convince all 120,000 libraries to pick up a copy of history.

To learn more please visit And, for those that wonder why we still try to sell records, according to those that keep track of such things it's still 54% of the market for music sales.

* I posted the news of this release on a local DCTech facebook page and the administrator deleted it without notice. I asked the admin why he censored it and he said that it wasn't relevant to DCTech.