Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Top title for Record Store Day is a Cassette Tape from Metallica

Nothing is over until the Fans say it's over.....

According to the Digital  Music News, irony, one of the top release for Record Store Day was not a record it was a Cassette Tape. Let's let that sink in for a moment and thank Metallica for opening the door to a wider audience understanding that fans will still buy physical entertainment, ask the gaming industry, and the #Musicbiz part of it just needs to start asking them who, what, where and when they're BuyingThis(TM) next release.

2. Metallica – “No Life Til Leather” cassette

And this is the very reason why my company @AltavozEntmt has always offered a  and artists bands and labels can get it very our or

There is a reason why we say Altavoz is the Future of Entertainment Today is because the ground work for it is in the past and it needs to be considered since, what goes around comes around and with entertainment that's Gospel. 

BTW I was wrong I thought that Physical would be higher than 55.3% of sales. Part of that is because the majors have occupied the pressing plants and Indie Artists, Bands and Labels aren't able to get time to press their releases and the consumer is getting what the Majors are cramming down their throats and it's another reason that Cassettes are making a come back.   

The Artists that said I won't release on CD and really wanted to do Vinyl can't so then when to the next not-CD item that was cool and that just so happens to be the Cassette Tape.  I sure a reading is scratching their head and saying that makes no sense; However, the hate that has been ginned up for CD's (They're just good enough) makes it hard for some artists bands and labels to understand the Musicnomics of their chosen profession and they often make decisions on how they feel or what they want to believe. 

As I've pointed out before  millennials and small children are obsessed with them and who knows, that walkman in your parents house might be the perfect gift for someones next birthday. And for next year's Record Store Day, I'm going to say that more than vinyl will be on the BuyingThis(TM) list. And! let's get back to being the day that is just about Vinyl and about the stores and all things music. 

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