Sunday, November 16, 2014

Physical is now back to 60 percent who's talking about it?

So conspiracy theories are proclaiming the TaylorSwiff effect is sweeping the nations,  Ok I'm not really sure anyone is saying that however, I do know that few are talking about last weeks Soundscan numbers you know the ones that have Physical now back near 60 percent of the markets.

Here's a spreadsheet that I run to help me and hopefully readers of this blog see the numbers as they relate to the overall market.  Being an economist by education I'm well aware of the market basket manipulation of numbers and feel all too often that reports on our industry are really personal feelings about it from journalist.  Let's face it covering the numbers is not as much fun as being a fan, err I mean object journalist's or worse someone reject by the old temple keepers and now has a keyboard to grind, I'd say ax however they sucked at guitar players too so didn't want to mix that metaphor in back there.

The numbers and shakira hips --they are what they are and anyone not talking about this is missing the punch line.  New Music Biz same as the old music biz.  Now kids it's time to go get a physical distribution deal; so you can at least have a chance to get into the real money of music.

Content ain't King when anyone can make it, Distribution is Everything or King.

BTW witness a great BAT mitzvah and by far Taylor Swift was the dominate music choice of the nite so many there is something to the #TSrulestheworld stuff.