Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My take away from Future of Music Conference 14

So having attend this conference off and on since it's start I have to say that it might be hitting it's stride as conference for a number of reason however for the sake of this post the one that stands out the most is what I would call inter-musicbiz dialogue.   The nature of our business leads individuals, bands, professionals so exposed that the last ten years has been a reaction to over protect and make it seem like everything is alright, easy and just a click away.

Look it's time to face the music in the Music Biz.  Our product, is woefully unprepared to be "fungible" in the marketplace of a thousand cats which is really what our business is more than a thousand washing machines.  Since each artists and band is different, the system cannot adjust to them alone.   Now if one million artists said let's do this, that is another story.  However; We know that artists are artists and the music business is a business.

So the first thing first.  If your getting into our biz go get a real attorney one that tell you what the difference between mechanical and performance rights are and lastly for the rest of us in the business if we're not selling you, we're selling to you and you do need more the former to make it.

Wouldn't be here today w/o Tommy's help, THKS...