Friday, May 13, 2016

Distribution as a Service #DaaS Altavoz is Flexxin

The ability to go online select a distribution solution (digital | physical | global) has been something I've worked on since 1994 when I bought Altavoz Distribution from Mary Liles in Raliegh, NC packed it up in a Uhaul and moved it to Rockville, MD as well putting it on the information superhighway, thanks to Doug Humphries inventing modern day hosting, at   Moreover,  when Jessamyn Sarmiento and I  restated Altavoz in 2011 one of the first domains we registered was and it's been our intent all along since DaaS and platforms like it is the next generation of (which is for sale to raise money for HelpEarth)
Let's be clear,  there is NO team that has been working on Brick to Clicks Distribution longer than the team at Altavoz's 22 years and going. 
So! it's with great pleasure that Altavoz announced this week that another distributor, Musgrove Distribution has chosen as  it's physical distributor using Manufacturing On Demand Music new capabilities as well.  AVOZ is recruiting a new senior level manager to oversee this so let any experienced distro people know,  With the channel for other distributors and groups to use the DaaS platform now open AVOZ expects to be announcing many more of these deals.

To boot:  The DaaS platform is enabling other service offerings that being announced this week and next that shows the Future of Entertainment Today is here at Altavoz Entertainment, Inc (OTCPK:AVOZ)

And, in the words of Lua Proc, we #Flexxin
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BTW not using the #AmazonEcho  yet, your way behind the curve.