Saturday, October 24, 2015

Hello! I would love to thank Adele for proving my point?

With the release of the single Hello, from 25,  Adele will make my point about the US  entertaining it's economy to death as we climb all each other to get this release in any form or fashion.
I would like to thank Adele for releasing a new record so that we can watch the trade imbalance…

Since this is not US Made Music and it comes in as an import.

 "Chairman of Adele's US record distributor, Columbia Records, also denied a "sneak attack" release after being directly asked whether or not Adele would follow in labelmate Beyoncé's surprise release technique. [24] "

Mean while the is gearing up for it's 1st US appearance and I'll bet more than one panel will talk about how great this release is without noting the irony that it's taking shekels from local US Made Music artists, bands, and groups.

Follow #musiccitiesdc for updates from the socials during the convention.  Click on the link (I would like to thank Adel, again nothing personal, it's just about culture and who's the US is supporting) to read my Medium post about how the USA is Entertaining our Economy to Death and the Majors Suck.