Sunday, August 9, 2015

Your Cities Music is the next big thing and now has a Convention

Sound Diplomacy are proud to present a new day-long conference series focused on exploring new ideas and strategies between music industry development and issues surrounding city planning, diversity, employment, education, regulation and urban quality of life.  The MusicCitiesConvention mission statement. 
The conference from the looks of it is going to be a good one and  having a convention titled Music Cities is an obvious indicator that a Cities music needs to be taken seriously and now it might get some needed attention -- thanks to the organizers of this conference.  Personally I'm looking forward to attending and more importably showing what we've been doing with our

Which BTW,  This attention to music is just something the US has not done. Let lone been on anyones agenda, calendar or mind on the national level Save the few Mayors and local planners that have braved the tides of untrue music lies or just ignorance of some techonoblogger that didn't work a day in a legit music business and therefore has ZERO understanding of it.

Now to counter this and make sure that something as important as your cities music is being cared for and treated with dignity and economy fairness the artists, bands, groups, labels, clubs, studios that make this city music to begin which need to be part of this discussion; So please register  (It's the day before Future of Music Conference) and if you can't use the #musiccities hagtag to let the world know.

SINCE THIS WHOLE cities music theme is something that I've been working after it hit me that most music from an artists, band or group won't be more important or overshadow the music culture aka Local Music, that is/was all around them especially here where the notion of music cities in the US is such an important cultural and economy by-product of music.

Music is simply unlike any other item sold, merchandize or manufactured by man or machine.  << ME 

Lastly,  Just for fun, the CITYMUSICDEAL (TM) has a great social media promotion going on and I'd suggest taking up the challenge to follow them on Instagram & Twitter