Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Why Lorde is the demarcation of the new generational divide.

So for every generation there's time when what you thought was the coolest thing ever and how the adults where just so uncool. They didn't get it.   Well here's the point I want everyone to come to terms that Lourde and her 4 Grammys nods and 3 wins ain't a fluke.
When Lorde was 13, A&R scout Scott Maclachlan signed her to Universal 
Now the universality of her music is something that so many do understand and if  Craig Campbell can cover of it and make it sound that good and rack up over 77k hits I have to ask  how many songs can be song by singers from across a spectrum without it being magical.

And, Guess what a 17 year old that can do it is the coolest thing in the world and everyone that don't get it, can just go ahead and pull out their AARP card and look for something on Circuit City.

PS, how to survive not being cool,  just keep quiet about your love of Nelson - the group.
PSS So stop saying when you were young music was better -- it wasn't.

UPDATE:  From Billboard -- Grammys Garner Record Social Mentions In 2014, Lorde Most Discussed on Twitter