Friday, August 23, 2013

Music capitalist to the rescue with blogs.

So I have to ask what does it means to local, national and world cultures and economies to be so naive about the nature and scope of Music on one hand! And, on the other be so totally immersed in it that music is beyond our imagination to live without.  Try thinking about not having music in your life without coming up with a Soundtrack 12 I dare ya.

Yet! here we are today and it's this state we are in that has lead to the blog, domain and personal moniker.  Music Capitalist.    I'll talk about my journey over the last 25 years and well into the future of the New Music Business and why it's important to all of us.

I'd like to start with something I was recently part of called Grammys on the Hill. At the start we where treated to a speech by the Librarian of Congress, Dr. James H. Billington about the impact of music and I'm going to do my best to get a copy of it and post it here.  Trust me it was inspirational.

This was followed up by the Recording Academy's launching of a campaigned called  "American Music: Creation is Innovation" to help educate lawmakers on the impact that music has on our economy and what can be done in the us to help us revive our economy, culture and moxie. I quote from the announcement to then shine a light on the state of tech and that of entertainment.
Recording Academy Advocacy
"Innovation" is a popular Word in Washington these days. Everyone from Congress to the White House is eager to embrace innovation as the key to our nation's economic growth and prosperity, and every industry trade association is ready to claim that they have cornered the market on it. But We know that real innovation springs from creativity, and American music is our finest expression of that creativity. So sure we're  staring to see the tide slowing on the abandonment of US Made Music just take this quote from a Commerce Site.
Future industry growth is likely to be among companies outside the soon to be big three worldwide record companies – Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group as the U.S. has a robust indie sector.  The indies struggle to export and prevent illegal file sharing and often rely on partnerships with the largest labels in global markets. US Commerce Department 
I  love however how it states the opportunity and impediments of promoting #USMADEMUSIC. Namely the lack of exporting.   This is something that I've been following for decades and have watched the US go from producing 80 percent of the World Music to now being on track to be a net importer of music and only supplying 12 percent to the rest of the growing world market.
So while the UK see's increase in music buying as does Germany too and I have to ask is this really a surprise and if we don't invest in US Made Music and work to export it how can the world consume it. 
Considering the recent bid for Universal Music Group and the Spurring of the offer to Sony to spin off it's entertainment division shows everyone that there is still a lot of life left in entertainment -- particularly music.

Recently I was very pleased to see  Ed Christman pointing out in Billboard article called "A New Day for Indie Distribution"  about the role of non Major distributors in which companies like ours Altavoz (mentioned in the article) are poised to make a difference in the music business.

BTW I have a couple of statements that I use and I would love to be able to put them to bed before sunsetting this blog.  The first is... We're entertaining our Economy to Death and Stopping the Haliburtonization of the US Entertainment Industry both of which we'll discuss here on Music Capitalist blog.

Also as a student of music and the business of it I'll be talking about where what and how things came about from the secret letter that changed the Rap game to how Mega Multi-Nationals are laughing all the way to the off shore banks and how come OWS never got bigger hopefully these subject and of course how to make money in music which is what I do is something that others can asprise to do as well.

PS Heck out this picture it's how we role Indie on the Hill with Big Heff and Bella Nae

For your ears ~ No Tears, video by Bella Nae